Scattered across my psyche

Reminders fall in heavy.

There is someone telling me to

Take off my ears,

They must see what computes underneath

It’s a matter of homestead security.

“Rather steady then beaten,”

The disembarked cousin of fear

Hollers in his native tongue,

To “do what the man says,”

For he has large ammunition in hand

But I am just a seabird

Gazing from above

Dodging preconceived notions

That 1942 was grand decades ago

And the opera that hires me would

Certainly, always, play union’s wage.

I wrap my dismembered heart

In the only cloth I have in hand,

Today, it is a flag,

But tomorrow will it be the sullied shirt

Of that young woman?

I just saw them tell her to take off her ears

And get chummy to the realization

their orders are now hers.

“That’s the way of the world, Miss.

See, years ago my predecessors came here

To scorch your culture with a better day.

I’d be thanking your lucky stars if I were you

That a savior could even look in those dark globes

That your people call eyes.

Let that seep in

From your feet.

We did it at the start of this great country,

Then across the waters

In places like Salem

And now, where your fortunate carcass

Grazes land.”

“Alas, Sir! There is no grass here,

What will I pray for?”

I, the seabird,

Hear my mission,

And I fly far, far away

To High Spirit

cooing, not gulling,

Yet singing

for better weather. •


Inspired by a few current affairs I am privy to & my friend, Katie’s, story post today [@prol.veg]. Also, shoutout to @pleasureasmedicine for the 2nd photo in this series.

Stay awake my dudes.

#poetry #USA #CurrentNews #America #Service #Care #Compassion #Spirit #Healing #MississippiHalfStep #Cassidy #wordmedicine #Writer #Seagull #FollowingOrders #LetItGrow

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