I am Kendra,

& this is so–—

I bellow it deeply

& repeat costumes from my drawer.


My well of emotions

is from the whole of my control—

I find it odd to label

what is not of one’s own—

Then why do I claim the words

as mine known—

when in actuality it

is from the glitches I am shown.


I create constructions of thou,

who mightest be me,

but then complain

when that mightiest version

is my highness beyond eternity—


For why beckon for credit

when thou art the living truth—

The waking monuments of ancient swimmers

reincarnating into youth—

& co-existing through contract:

We are the cast of Godspells,

Who signed up for the act.


With me,


The precious calls we received,

while waiting in the wings

for our cue to believe.



Our shared glances backstage,

when the director was our Father,

& our mind was the page.


To be in agreement,

to flow,


from the bowl of healing

sounds and returning

scenes of our home.


To be of agreement and free-will

in one—

To act from singular motive,

while also dancing for fun…

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