The Autumn [Winter] Queen

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Creation of space, 

Creation of sound, 

Creation of who, 

Creation of now, 

Relation to me,
the birds see how. 

Look into the eyes
of a forgotten frown. 

Welcome to Pleasantview, 

Welcome to noise, 

Step into followship, 

Step into ploys. 

Reverse the signs, 

Sign the reverse. 

Green mellowed lies— 

you leave on verse. 

Spell the name, 

Sound out the words, 

Hold in your hands, 

the center of my worlds. 

Become a statue, 

released from my shelf. 

Whisper followed absence, 

and watch us excel.
We engulf presence into art, 

and life into being— 

We see hovering condition, 

Rainbow Braids, 


Compute my circumstances, 

and turn to my page, 

Read all the credentials, 

and force love out its cage. 

Lock us in with your stare of thy Holy perception, 

Throw away the key,
I threw away deception. 

Walk past my feet,
and set leaves 

to be wed— 

Trot past my mind,
and put stars in my head. 

Fill my glass
with communal blessings, 

and watch trust conspire >> 

into motion,
as belief,
becomes fire.
— Fluctuate —
and become a thing.
— Coordinate —
and fool the king: 

“Stand up straight!
Lift your neck, your voice! 

Retaliate spots! Elbow the choice!” 

Slightly pull on your lash,

and turn towards my face. 

Kick my feet, 

Pull me from my space. 

Ask questions, 

View name, 

Shake heads at coping with same. 

View points, 

View me,
View changing 


Open romantic eyes, 

to the divine art of woooooooooooooing. 


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