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“The Politics of” is Kendra Muecke’s first book release. Drawing from ten years of writing material beginning at the age of 14, this 338 page coffee table book combines creativity with metaphysical revelation. Filled with poems focused on rhythm and word play, short stories and essays based on opinion, and scenes from a series of original one-act plays, this book reveals a unique and quite mind-bending perspective.

Composing “The Politics of” began for Kendra in January 2017, she had just returned from an epic New Years holiday in New York City seeing one of her favorite bands. She was ready to let this inspiration run rapid across blank pages searching for meaning. The book began in methodical madness. “Get the concepts on the page, sort the poems into a metered pattern, combine with original photography.”

Little did she know this writing project would become a walk down memory lane, retracing moments she held from years past, as a little girl to an adult, this collection of poems soon revealed to be the outline of an abstract memoir. Kendra welcomes you to her life, the book that reluctantly reveals the inner workings of her artistic (dare I say) genius.

Next stop is her second book, “Project Non-Arch: Operation Clown School.” Project Non-Arch is a long form poem composed of nine parts. It follows the decision-making that lead Kendra to leave Los Angeles (high and dry) and head for the Colorado mountains. Her first album is also trucking along; paired with stellar vocals and ground-shaking guitar, “Of Vinyl” promises to bring the noise. You can purchase a signed copy of Kendra’s book, “The Politics of” on her website:
[Link is also located in this page’s Bio]

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She thanks you for your love and support.

[Photo by Beth Muecke, Bethielife​, Dress “Ramblin’ Rose”, by Lot Style Designs​]


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