Oh, to be the lightening bolt,

Riding on the sea!

Oh, to be the determinous volume of sounds reverberating.

To be, to be, to be alive!

About a melody

That is the jive!

To groove,

To groove,

To groove on by!

Round the rhythm

Of inspiration–

Inspiration divine!

Smiles in,

Smiles out,

Miles and miles–

Oh, joy about!!

Do people laugh at me

Or all around?

How does one differentiate sound?

To throw one of course,

Only to fool.

To act, to act, to act so cool.

To freeze,

To burn,

To live it off,

To be the sun,

That has a cough,

To be the magnet that holds the sloth–

In the room till it forgot.
Then brought it back to be a scene

To trick a trickster

Good luck. 

That’s obscene—

Peace and prance,

And love on by,

Be the wind 

That leads the fly.

Choose the words

To be your grace–

“Choose the good,”

Chants human race. 

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