It is mostly about me and slightly about you,

if I could pick apart your brain,

then I would schedule us tea for two,

but, too, and through–

Alas! I want too much!

I wanted to pick apart your personality,

and then we could reminisce about it over next morning’s brunch.

I move too quickly,

but slower than you know.

I tangle myself up in blizzards,

and I am looking for someone to get to know.

It is different out here,

when you’ve seen both sides.

I wanted love and peace to make sense,

but neither essence seems to coincide

Happy is the new and the spontaneous one I have found within mountains;

he lives amongst sounds and a contention for passions.

At last! I feel hope again,

and I breathe fidelity into my lungs–

I am searching for completion, can you help me find some?






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