Dress For Less

Clutch came through today, when I encountered someone quite fine,

I put my back upon facts, so I was pussy for a good time,

I like to see my girl be dangling by a thread,

I want to leave her empty,

I want to leave her dead

and disregarded mistresses show off all kinds,

They prance and they dance and jiggle their little behinds.

I am not saying I am superior to anyone fine,

I’m in a trance, surrounded by arrogant statues,

I admit to crime after crime,

I can climb mountains, but see, I cannot climb you,

I am confused, I am bare, I am something to use.

I got this girl, you see, and I don’t want her to know

that I creep on different streets and hide myself in narrows.

She is beautiful, and she is clean.

Don’t worry about boredom, because

You can always count on Kendra to make a scene


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