Smarter Than The Average Elephant

Babar comes to mind as I try to avoid another conversation with an unavoidable human being.

It is just me and myself, trying to figure out resent versus escape. Am I entrapped within a body that is not mine or am I simply a soul that will remain in the wandering category?

I stop and look at the notes I have written mindlessly and stuffed into my brain. Consumption of confusion, I am a featherless bird locked in a cage-

I am naked towards the public and blow up your inbox with rage.

Stop, look, don’t listen… I swear I am too insane.

At age 5, I learned that I would grow up to be a freak on display. 5 dollars for a quick peek, but it is free if you’d care to stay.
I have enough space in my cell for multiple personalities. We can stack person atop person and call it a game.

At 16, I realized I was alive to die. Reckless amongst my aspirations, I lead most to run far and fast from me.
They leave afraid.

I’m not saying that Shirley was not a shrimp or that I can locate a dagger within a dungeon, but my voice is here for a reason,
And I’m sorry, buddy,
but I ain’t leaving

Photo by: Lindsey Lee

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