The Innovation of Loneliness

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One of the best perspectives I have heard on the constant loneliness present in our era.

It makes me think about the ideas that fueled the writings of romantic and, in particular, transcendental thinkers. Transcendental writers examined loneliness from the vantage point of being alone in solitude. It seems as if, like these writers, the current generations are trying to find themselves; meaning, we are all trying to find our own slice of happiness and, ultimately, a reason for existence. However, most thinkers who endured solitude and consistent inward contemplation came to the conclusion of man needing companion.

Social media has created an illusion that through it, one will be closer to finding themselves. But, this cannot be, because we are trying to finding true joy through the use of the very egotism that clouds the path towards happiness.

Basically, this video is some good shit.


Click duuurrr—-> The Innovation of Loneliness


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