Monthly Archive: July, 2017

About Time

So step, step into the sunshine of my beauty with you, transcendent prizes of hair soaked in golden and blue, Step, step closer, up on to the stands microphone in hand, as I… Continue reading

The Dozen

So much air does the vac take to be around in life with the being of essence in hand Alice is no idea of demands reminding of thus bars its time to farm… Continue reading

Field Notes: Slanted Poetry, Tales of Drunken Sound

{‘Tis to be a flower, and so exact. Allowed to be alive and filled with fact, and once upon a theme, I found — the craft, To be, To be, To be, Softly… Continue reading

Mountainous Man

In the beginning, there was a man, moving swiftly; left to right, foot by foot, edging up to the summit of inner in her heart.  

Inspiration is The Theme of A Place

Inspiration is the theme of a place Like regional whiteness Taking in stride its exceeding value of monetary incentive. Maximum to the touch and quite out of sort, Comes about the idea to… Continue reading