Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Share Your Shoes

Obsession, Over a picture, Of a soul  That could lighten the traveler, And teach the code.  Of ethics, Of morale, And certainly, of point. To co-create a habitat Silent within noise. Near is… Continue reading

Copper Gold

Write a poem, They say, They say, I pick up my pencil, To their dismay, Is she following orders? How out of whack, For this girl to follow rules Would show a sign… Continue reading

Stranger than Autobiography

To open up,And listen to points, That pull on my heart strings, in lessons of choice, To see the teacher in every smile, To know I am the only one feeding on self-breed… Continue reading

Once Upon A Time

There is a tale, About a King, Who made a castle, To fulfill His Queen. There is a tale, That starts like this… In the beginning, She was scared of kids

Sweet Love

Soundly…I watch myself pace around. I teach myself peace through moments profound, It took me a few moments of locating clouds, To realize the shadow is truly my light bound, To the context… Continue reading

Hatefully Dead

There is no such thing as love, It’s in-fact just a joke  Made to stir up humans From false gods who provoke, From the past tense of sincerity, I learn to breathe  Whilst… Continue reading

Rift LapseĀ 

It doesn’t matter. I am a bug, And it doesn’t matter. I am a word That nothing flatters. No one cares for me, Yet, I care for them. I am trapped in a… Continue reading