Monthly Archive: April, 2016

The Dreamer’s Lament

It looked strange when I first found out my hands were made of dust, feathers & dust, dusty moments are hard to trust, this is true, but where do we find ourselves? The… Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

Life is something that can never -truly- be caged and bottled. Something holding no familiar territory, yet it can be sold in seconds, with just a glance. —–> … Thoughts trickling towards a stream of pastimes… Continue reading

A Peaceful Treaty

no need for an alter ego, let that go, no longer is defining a limitation.

The Autumn [Winter] Queen

Creation of space, Creation of sound, Creation of who, Creation of now, Relation to me, the birds see how. Look into the eyes of a forgotten frown. Welcome to Pleasantview, Welcome to noise,… Continue reading

Will, Son!

Radiant is thou, wafting through the forest, I remember the time we pranced around fellow tourists. I judge when I live, so I think while I breathe, I dislike a taste for negativity,… Continue reading

New Age Wasteland

Life is a paradoxical state of mind— A state, in which, one can simultaneously experience a sense of inner-connectedness and communion with others, while also, experiencing a sense of solitude through the natural… Continue reading

Ode to Dancer

Pauses & stops, plus maintaining grip, moments arriving, bliss in movement! When along with the music, a dancer, She glows, with a sense of eased time, and a depth of unknown. Calm and… Continue reading