Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Number: January 3, 2009

Fleeting acceptance, make me your witness, force me close with the arms atop your eyes. Correct my mould with the fingers from the sky. Reverse my order, and “Repeat machine.” Look in my… Continue reading

Finish The Sentence

I wish people knew: the person behind the eyes was never created to become a freckle of their past.    

The Power Grid

Somedays come & go, without pointing to the next, so, I huddle down low, & break at the crest–   A waveform of a person [a being I love] –To me, is so… Continue reading


What would it be- to turn to another page– Where I did not hold any concept, Where I saw no more age.   It would be a new state of forgotten words, where… Continue reading


  Visualizing where I dream to be- Whilst being there is a mighty, mighty thing. To stand on the teeth of description, while maintaining my own integrity, and learning to form a formation… Continue reading

Perspectivity: The Parable of The Queen & The Sad One

“There is something in the air tonight,” said The Sad One to The Queen, “I was walking around outside and–” She then proceeds to halt talking, as The Queen lowers her head, and… Continue reading

Karmic Names

“I lost my way,” said the girl, who was found TODAY.

Lady Justice: Wake Up in the Late Afternoon

If truth is this & I am that- what is matter, when dependent on fact? If belief is knowing that you know that you know- then why waddle in doubt, yet feel comfort… Continue reading

Panorama’s Box

In such quarters, we plant & water with the words of Me, Sing, to sing of our inevitable horizons, thus sprouting forth into a land of liberty! I may turn, to turn, to… Continue reading


Suffocated in a jar, The fog pushes down on my limbs, I become a tiny spec on the inside of your arm, and a piece of art from within, I don’t see the… Continue reading