Monthly Archive: December, 2015

It is Windy Outside the City

On nights like these, I think what is it to be free? An abnormal response, or a predetermined destiny? I’ve been to the skirts of our lands of time, and I’ve retraced many… Continue reading


I often ask myself, How many pages are left? In my book? From my pen? Are things to be different, if they can’t stay the same? Past Barstow, due West— I lost track… Continue reading

Channel 11, Parallel News

I write for you, in moments of time, I fill in the mad lib, & ad lib most theoretical finds— I purchase a thesaurus, So I can tell you, all the ways thoughts… Continue reading

The Pulley

Motions move through my skin like sea bound repercussions. —To obey who art within— … How to scribble the words of a madman speaking on point, through mouths of recreation & subjects of… Continue reading

Manifest Destiny

I keep a crystal ball in my pocket— for emergency purposes, you see… For if I ever forgot it, it would seldom be beneficiary— to any situation, or circumstance of rhyme, I do… Continue reading