Monthly Archive: October, 2013

The Politics of: My Mission Statement

Towards moving humanity responsibly forward, through the means of forward thinking. By focusing on the balance of the aesthetic and analytical facets of human interaction, I hope to increase the efficacy of ethical… Continue reading

Stand next to my fire

Prometheus, Bound to Suffer: Examining The Continuous Repetition of Human History In relation to the early Grecian cultural attitude towards expanding one’s intellectual mind, ancient Greeks encouraged the contemplation and speculation of human… Continue reading

11 days of vain

Review of Three Days of Rain   Even through the plot’s intended disorienting sequence of events, the dramatic play, Three Days of Rain, written by Richard Greenberg, remains intriguing. Leaving a common audience… Continue reading

A series of self: Kendra, Pt. IV

I just didn’t know the backbone of solitude was being alone.