Monthly Archive: May, 2013

And we will be alone again

I am sitting across from you, perpendicular to choice, I am sitting next to you, unknowingly, we share parallel voice.  

A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. III

I decided it was time for a change. I just didn’t want cents anymore.

House Keeping

Everything was fine, but there was nothing to do. I was stagnant for too long. I was lost inside you.

Too sleepy

The Growth of Communication: An Idea Heard Around the World

Flip my switch

It is mostly about me and slightly about you, if I could pick apart your brain, then I would schedule us tea for two, but, too, and through– Alas! I want too much! I… Continue reading


don’t be whom you once loathed

Romanticism: A Tragedy

Song: “III. Scene Aux Champs: Adagio” Composer: Hector Berlioz Slow beginning with tones that just seem to effortlessly draw out emotion. As if I am sitting in suspense like I am about to… Continue reading

Luma Sunset

I keep closing my eyes, and I keep them closed. I lie awake under lids of flesh. Lay my head down to sleep, My eyes’ mind is tired, and my maid still needs… Continue reading