To Love with Disinterest

Dude, Ethical Jesus, My Man! In Paul’s Eyes, ethical behavior is to live each moment of one’s life striving to follow foot-by-foot behind Jesus and act as he acts; Paul sees morality under… Continue reading

God in the sky with Diamonds

Although the historical facts concerning the existence of Jesus Christ are highly debatable, the controversial topic of whether or not Jesus was resurrected from the dead remains questionable and is still relevant in… Continue reading

And we will be alone again

I am sitting across from you, perpendicular to choice, I am sitting next to you, unknowingly, we share parallel voice.  

A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. III

I decided it was time for a change. I just didn’t want cents anymore.

House Keeping

Everything was fine, but there was nothing to do. I was stagnant for too long. I was lost inside you.

Too sleepy

The Growth of Communication: An Idea Heard Around the World

Flip my switch

It is mostly about me and slightly about you, if I could pick apart your brain, then I would schedule us tea for two, but, too, and through– Alas! I want too much! I… Continue reading


don’t be whom you once loathed

Romanticism: A Tragedy

Song: “III. Scene Aux Champs: Adagio” Composer: Hector Berlioz Slow beginning with tones that just seem to effortlessly draw out emotion. As if I am sitting in suspense like I am about to… Continue reading

Luma Sunset

I keep closing my eyes, and I keep them closed. I lie awake under lids of flesh. Lay my head down to sleep, My eyes’ mind is tired, and my maid still needs… Continue reading