A Series of Self: Kendra, pt. II

I’m just a girl and  my intentions were good I begged and I pleaded but I was not to be stood under I went to my own little tunnel where I climbed and… Continue reading

Wheezing for Weezy

What’s going on there, sweet emptiness of mine? Did you get lost upon your wandering, or did you just get stuck in your mind? forever, one deep, but always, cups twice, sprite and… Continue reading

Frances Elena Farmer. Want me to spell it?

“–no one ever came to me and said you’re a fool there isn’t such a thing as God somebody’s just been stuffing you it wasn’t murder i think god just died of old… Continue reading

Sometimes, I do

Harsh Hash and Bang-Bango Hi Anne-Tyler, Firstly, Sincerely, Kendra Elisabeth Muecke “I exist as I am, that is enough.” -Walt Whitman

A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. I

Part one of Me, Myself, did not much mind. I started a new routine, where I live each day one toe at a time. I pick up one foot and then set it… Continue reading

One more grave, I am done

  The fool is me; It is not you. I promised to stay selfish; it was the only promise I followed all the way through. I self-prophesied to be much at an age so… Continue reading

Act Pretty

Light headed and eager, to see something I cannot see, The epitome of a loner, “THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME”, But the ego greets – and tackles the only light left in my soul. I… Continue reading

âme noire

That is  a l l

Lamp unto my feets

My Mission: To teach, conquer, and calm the mind’s of others throughout the world, who feel as if their voice and thoughts have no potential to lead them towards becoming strong passionate thinkers… Continue reading

ethics on life and stuff

Curiosity Killed The King: Macbeth and Aristotle on Ethical Principles The presence of established truths within a society is central to evaluating the moral structure of a human being. Through the process of… Continue reading