Stand next to my fire

Prometheus, Bound to Suffer: Examining The Continuous Repetition of Human History In relation to the early Grecian cultural attitude towards expanding one’s intellectual mind, ancient Greeks encouraged the contemplation and speculation of human… Continue reading

11 days of vain

Review of Three Days of Rain   Even through the plot’s intended disorienting sequence of events, the dramatic play, Three Days of Rain, written by Richard Greenberg, remains intriguing. Leaving a common audience… Continue reading

A series of self: Kendra, Pt. IV

I just didn’t know the backbone of solitude was being alone.

Take your face off

All parts of the brain onstage in organized “clumps” according to brain layout. Their faces are grim with sorrow and mourning, appropriate to character. Tammy: (Very sad) He was but one hour mine,… Continue reading

With The

It could be just like this your breath on my wrists- as if, my voice weighs heavy on his mind- as though, seconds made sense of time.

Three Days to Blame

Things are getting weird– I will be just fine. One day, one hour, each minute at a time.

The Innovation of Loneliness

  One of the best perspectives I have heard on the constant loneliness present in our era. It makes me think about the ideas that fueled the writings of romantic and, in particular,… Continue reading

The New Soma

Losing the notions we knew to keep, dying to draw a tie between crime and peace. Through sound, we arrived at a gathering of several, or nine. Sectored into distinctions, we saw that… Continue reading

Pizza for Breakfast: Random Things We All Do and Love

Beginning with the dawn of understanding literacy, circa my pre-kindergarten years, there has been a constant bombardment of information knocking at the metaphorical front doors of my mind. The knocking is persistent and… Continue reading

Start to end to start to end to start to end

Tessellations, by M.C. Escher: The Remix “For me it remains an open question whether [this work] pertains to the realm of mathematics or to that of art.” – M.C. Escher   Combining the… Continue reading