I Love School Buses

I can feel the humidity bubbling underneath my new polyester jacket. Suddenly, the coffee stain from this morning’s breakfast did not seem to bother me as much. I could care less about my… Continue reading

Something Over Nothing

Under siege, marked a girl, surrounded by mirrors. She sat inside the dimly lit room and stared at the mirrors. As the candle steadily melted, she sat in the corner, staring at the… Continue reading

a naturale neutrality

Recently, revisions to the 1996 Telecommunications Act have been proposed, and everyone is bat-shit pissed off.   I’m not too great at explaining political mumbo-jumbo, so watch this instead. and, now, remember when… Continue reading

turn off, tune out, drop in

the peace train is coming back, start packing.  

New Age Wasteland

Recently, I was asked, “Do think there is hope for the future?” An ambiguous term to throw around the dinner table, future, I pondered. The word had never bothered me before. The future… Continue reading

Seal of the Fatigue

I say it again: Turn Off, Tune Out, and Drop In If we don’t… Who will? Turn Off the Television, Tune Out the Illusions, And Drop Into Solution

Parliamentry, Watson

I think, I thought, I remembered yet, but quickly, quite soon, Well, I just… simply forget.   Whilst mid-saunter, You see, I rambled on through, The dusk, quintessential, to forsaking the truth.  … Continue reading

Some roads lead nowhere

I think about you so much. Nevermind, I don’t think you even know me that well anyway. Good day, if you know who you are.

Whilst in the Fiction of Skeletal Measures

When lost within my gazing time, Still I stare, though you, you burnt light, bound to be delicate, decadent is thine To be of dust and guitars, did he even fight? Sense from… Continue reading

We Should Wake Up

Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop In— put your peace signs up, bunny ears to the sky