Nothing will I fear, as long as you are here

Your current faith:
I am a faithful Christian, but I often lose sight of the light due to anxiety and depression. I have gone to private, Christian school my whole life, and I do not doubt that God exists, I just wonder how he can sit back while the world goes to shambles. I am a Methodist, baptized, and I believe in Jesus Christ, and I live for God by God. I do not want to live a selfish, self-oriented life anymore.

Ways you develop spiritual life:
I speak to God quite often, but sometimes, I am not sure if it is my own conscience or if God is trying to tell me something. I try to see the light, but my ego gets in the way.

Church Involvement:
I have recently gone to Calvary Church in Westlake. I enjoyed it, but since I must attend 14 mandatory chapels. I find that I should probably use my extra time to go to convos instead of church, because it factors into my GPA. It leads me away from seeking God, because it has become a factor of getting a good grade, rather than an outlet for students to grow in Christ. It upsets me that convo is mandatory, because it becomes just a chore, which is why I am interested in a mentor. I want to develop my relationship with God and develop an understanding for why anything on this Earth exists.

What you hope to gain:
I get so disoriented within my own thoughts. I hope to gain a sense of peace, balance, and someone to talk about Christ with. No one in my generation seems to care about the truth or seeking God. I just want to clear some of the fog out of my mind, so I can fully listen to God. I want to overcome my human temptations and walk in the path of Christ completely.

Special Requests:
I feel like an outcast in God’s world. Many Christian mentors I consult for knowledgeable education on Christ make me feel bad for having questions.

Although my application for a Spiritual Mentor seems quite solemn and heavy, I think that it reflects how disappointed I felt when I started to see the morbidity of life. I don’t understand why we cannot have fun in our daily lives anymore. How can someone expect me to feel joy when I don’t even get offered a lollipop at the end of a doctor’s appointment anymore?

Thank you for submitting this form.-3

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